B Light at Azizia Mosque

Azizia Mosque located in Makkah, Saudi Arabia is a magnificent building of 23.150 m2 holds up to 25.000 worshipers. It took over four years to complete this challenge where results are beyond the expectations and the images of this splendid construction demonstrate the highest examples of architecture, design and lighting expertise.

The lighting project was realized by Umaya Lighting Design based in Dubai, one of the best lighting design practices in the Middle East. Minimal design, refined finishes and high performance of B LIGHT’s luminaires perfectly embrace Umaya’s wish to complete the architecture of the Mosque from a functional point of view, but above all enhances it aesthetically. The project has been short listed at DARC Awards in London and received two nominees as “Exterior Lighting Project of the Year” and “Innovative Lighting Project “.

Maia & Merez were chosen to illuminate the wide entrance of the Mosque and its pedestrian paths. The electronic control of operating temperature through thermal sensors made it particularly suitable for challenging outdoor environments, which can reach high temperatures and have a high temperature excursion. The Maia projectors with an extremely neat design and a stem that comes in different lengths, were used in the flowerbeds creating a magic atmosphere. To illuminate the pedestrian paths, Merez was chosen thanks to its 45 degrees’ side emission. This grazing step light blends perfectly in the architecture, illuminating walkways with elegant light effects.

To create a soft and balanced atmosphere, it was used Merope 140 AD all over the perimeter of the building, and adjustable, in ground luminaire equipped with honeycomb for visual comfort. Linear Tube HP6 wall, a linear surface floodlight with symmetrical light distribution was used for the dome and to illustrate traditional Arab motifs. Refined finishes and high performance of B LIGHT’s luminaires perfectly embrace Umaya’s wish to create a result which not only complete the architecture of Azizia Mosque from the functional point of view, but also enhances it aesthetically.