ATLAS 60 P is compact symmetrical or asymmetrical reflector downlight with no glare from B-Light

  • Height 56 mm, diameter 60 mm.
  • The luminaire has zero glare thanks to the reflector’s design.
  • Both symmetrical reflector models—50° (UGR 19), 70° (UGR 25), and asymmetrical reflector (25° + wallwasher)—are offered.
  • The asymmetrical model simultaneously produces a wallwasher effect on the wall and homogeneous light on the floor. With no discernible dark areas, the wallwash is produced from the upper edge of the wall.
  • 90% of the light is focused within the aperture by the symmetrical model’s 50° or 70° angle, producing uniform lighting on the ground without the “corona effect” or discernible double beam spreads.
  • Wide CCT range: Dynamic White 1800K–4000K, 2200K CRI93, 2700K CRI93, and 3000K CRI93.
  • ATLAS 60 P power of 6W at 350 mA

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