For over 30 years B LIGHT has been designing and manufacturing innovative electronic solutions, and since 2009 B LIGHT is a distinguished firm in lighting industry, designing and manufacturing quality luminaries for high end projects all around the world in residential, hospitality and retail.

Attention to details, perfect finishing and innovative features make B LIGHT a manufacturer of luminaires “designed to perfection”,  recognized among the best for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Using the most advanced technologies, the in-house manufacturing and the constant contact with demanding customers always searching for new solutions, B LIGHT developed the ability to design and manufacture custom made to measure luminaries.

Over the years customized products have grown substantially, today more than 50% of B LIGHT’s production consists of luminaires manufactured according to the specific requests of the highest demanding clients.

Inspired by the concept of “light as a material for the architecture”, B LIGHT sees the growing integration of shapes, materials and technology into a single element working as a whole.

B LIGHT New Products

Introducing B LIGHT PLUS optical technology. A new range of luminaires for indoor and outdoor use.


A new wallwasher range of uplights and downlights with:

  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: A homogeneous light distribution is achieved from the lower or upper edge of the wall to be illuminated with no visible dark zones
  • NO LIGHT POLLUTION: Because the light is precisely focused towards the wall to be illuminated, light pollution is virtually eliminated
  • GLARE FREE: Thanks to the design of the reflector the luminaire offers a longitudinal cut-off delivering glare free homogeneous light
  • EXCELLENT VERTICAL UNIFORMITY: Light is conveyed precisely towards the wall from the upper edge to the lower edge


A new downlight and spotlight range with:

  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: Overlapping between direct light and reflected light for a precise beam spread with no corona effect
  • HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL ILLUMINANCE: A range of symmetrical and asymmetrical downlights with the same appearance, not infringing the architectural design. The asymmetrical downlight combines two functions in one fixture: downlight and wallwasher for horizontal and vertical illuminance. A homogeneous light distribution is achieved from the upper edge of the wall to the floor
  • GLARE FREE: Thanks to the design of the reflector the luminaires are glare free (from UGR<10). The asymmetrical downlight offers a longitudinal cut-off delivering homogeneous light on the floor and on the wall
  • NO LIGHT SCALLOPS: Combining the use of symmetrical and asymmetrical downlights, vertical surfaces are perfectly lit from the upper edges of the walls to the floor with no light scallops

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